At Kinetic Exercise Physiology we offer one-on-one and group services. 


Medicare*: Patients considered eligible if GP has Completed;

  • Chronic Disease Management Program and Team Care Arrangements.

  • Allied Health Group Services under Medicare for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.


Department of Veterans' Affairs* 

  • Department of Veterans Affairs' Health Cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.



  • Functional Capacity Evaluations 

  • Return to work exercise rehabilitation conditioning programs 


Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

  • Exercise rehabilitation for return to pre-injury state 


Private Health 

  • One-on-one and group Exercise Physiology

  • Exercise Physiology rebate available with extras cover with Mildura Health Fund and most other Health Funds 


Other services


Funding avenues are available for the following services;


Clinical Mat Pilates 

  • Classes target at strengthening and toning the core, hips and thigh muscles and improving back pain, poor posture, weak pelvic floor and injury recovery and prevention


Able and Stable Group Exercise Therapy 

  • Classes are designed to target lower leg strengthening, static and dynamic balance and time reaction exercises which are all specific aspects in falls prevention and reducing risks of falls. 


Neurological Group Exercise Therapy 

  • Ideal for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Huntington’s Disease and much more!!

  • Classes are designed to keep the brain stimulated and the body functioning by focusing on movement activities, reaction time, coordination, functional strength and balance exercises. 

  • Program goals aim to improve: slowing down the progression of the condition, sense of wellbeing as exercise releases the natural feel good hormone, energy levels, fatigue levels, ability to perform everyday activities, mobility, balance, reducing risk of tripping/falling, overall body strength and reducing the risk of developing other conditions. 


Type 2 Diabetes Group Exercise Therapy 

  • These classes are essential for any diabetic management!!

  • Classes are designed at improving the body’s insulin sensitivity,glucose control and metabolism through specific large muscle strengthening and cardio exercises. Nutritional diabetic education is also given throughout program. 

  • If eligible Medicare rebate is available!!


Community Elderly Strength & Mobility Group Exercise Therapy 

  • Locations: Mildura RSL, Mildura Church of Christ, Rose Retirement Village. 

  • Classes are designed to get the elderly moving through fun exercise to music. Participants will gain improvements in their functional strength (i.e. ability to sit to stand), balance, mobility and heart health. These classes not only give physical improvements but also social interaction. 


Employment Physical Evaluations 

  • Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists have qualifications to perform functional capacity evaluations. 

  • They can assess individuals who may need to prove they are fit for a job.

  • They also can work with businesses who may need to arrange physical evaluations on their employees to prove they are fit and able to perform their jobs.  At our clinic we provide a flexible booking system making sure we can get the employee assessed as soon as possible and completed assessment results are returned promptly for review. 


Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs 

  • Planning a healthy future for your business means planning for a healthy, motivated and productive workforce.  

  • Kinetic Exercise Physiology can help you with this.  Our team can perform health and physical assessments on your employees and will then prescribe specialised exercise programs to ensure they are at their healthiest and most productive in the work place.


Personal and group training and weight loss programs

  • Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy on your own. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists provide support and motivation to make positive healthy and active changes. We deliver high level of education, analyse food diaries and prescribe high quality personalised exercise programs that is realistic for the individual or group to get results which are sustainable. 

  • Current Groups: Wellness Challenge   


Exercise for pre, during and post pregnancy

  • Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are highly qualified exercise professionals and can prescribe safe and correct exercises for pre, during and post pregnancy. Our team offers one-on-one and group exercise programs. 



  • Are you planning to have a baby and already suffer with chronic back pain and worried this will increase once pregnant? Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can prescribe you with an effective exercise program to manage your back pain and get your back muscles strong for pregnancy



  • As pregnancy progresses, the body goes through significant changes, such as increased laxity (looseness) of joints, changes in centre of gravity, abdominal muscle weakness and increased heart rate. 

  • Benefits of exercise while pregnant;

    • Assists in maintaining a healthy weight

    • Reduces risk of gestational diabetes 

    • Strengthens back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles 

    • Helps reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling 

    • Improves mood, sleep and mental health 

    • Reduces fatigue 

    • Increases your energy levels 

    • Increases body awareness 

    • Improves posture 

    • Lowers physical discomforts associated with pregnancy 

    • Reduces lower limb muscle cramping 

    • Increases cardiovascular fitness for labour 



  • Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can assist you with a gradual and smooth recovery of your body following childbirth 

  • Benefits of exercise post-pregnancy;

    • Promotes weight loss

    • Increases strength of pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles 

    • Maintains continence of bowel and bladder movements 

    • Gives you more energy to cope with the demands of motherhood

    • Improves mood, relieves stress and reduces the risk of postnatal depression 

  • Current groups: Mums and bubs exercise


* Information accurate as of 02.09.2015